Software and Projects

This is a selection of noteworthy and most popular projects I did over the years.

Unique Clan #

This is an ongoing project since 2014. A community all around the platformer game Teeworlds, you can find more information at the official website. The Git repositories for the website, the Unique Race modification, and the game servers and database infrastructure can be found on GitHub.

Unique Clan


superfsmon #

A plugin for the Python Supervisor process control system. It restarts processes when files or directories change and should be used for hot loading. It is highly configurable with support for regex.

Installation instructions and source code can be found on GitHub. The package is also on PyPI.


xssproxy #

This C program listens to the org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver D-Bus interface used by programs like Firefox to disable the screensaver—for example when playing videos—and disables the X11 built-in screensaver on request. All the major full-featured desktop environments like GNOME come with an implementation of the D-Bus interface, so this program is meant to be used with lightweight window managers without this functionality.

The source code is on GitHub and I’m maintaining a Debian Package.


searchant.vim #

This Vim plugin improves the search function to not only highlight all results but also highlight the result last jumped to with a special color.

Installation instructions and the code are on GitHub. The plugin is also on

vim-searchant demo

TeeSmash #

A mod for the 2D platformer Teeworlds, it’s inspired by fighting games. I coded this together with my friend Ryozuki in C++.

The code is on GitHub and there’s a post on the Teeworlds forum. I’m hosting game servers in Germany and Canada if you’d like you give it a try.


DDNet Trashmap #

The DDNet Trashmap service is popular around the map creation community of DDNet, a cooperative 2D platformer. Map creators can upload their map to the web application which will start a personal game server for them to playtest their map alone or with a partner. It’s written in Python and PHP.

The source code is maintained on GitHub.

DDNet Trashmap logo


Towers of Hanoi robot #

Robot built with the Lego Mindstorms EV3 robitics kit and programmed with the python-ev3 library moving wooden discs around to solve Towers of Hanoi.

You can watch a video of the robot in action on YouTube.

Towers of Hanoi robot